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" What a school think about it's library is a measure of what it
feels about education."

- Howard Howe



Why does it matter that children come to love books rather than simply learn to read?


Our library and team create this ‘love’ by fostering a love for reading, making it fun and enjoyable. We share stories, rhymes and talking about the pictures together with the children in their lives building the best possible foundation for reading and learning.



Children must Play!


We have dedicated play time for children everyday.

Our rich play environment, with good space and all the right playground equipment is hygienic and is the best place to create positive playing and learning experiences for all our children.



Assemblies are part of the fabric of school life at Redboot and a valuable experience for all members of our school community.


We have assemblies every Friday and special assemblies during celebration days which are open to parents, grandparents and others. We keep them fun and enjoyable and it’s certainly something our children look forward to as exciting events that are never the same.


Redboot Cafe

We have a Chef In-House!


Our Chef teaches principles of good nutrition and encourages healthy eating habits for life. Also, knowing that cooking gives an early grounding in science, math, language, art, and even reading?


Our kitchen offers abundant lessons in basic chemistry — discovering how certain ingredients combine, react, and change as they cook — as well as arithmetic, since ingredient lists are nothing if not a study in amounts and fractions.



We provide an ideal lunchtime to have the children relaxed and engaged in their meals. With our own specially crafted lunch menu by a professional chef, we have assembled the right combination and portion sizes for all our children to have an adventure on a plate every meal. All meals are prepared by our in-house chef at Redboot. We adhere to strict rules of cleanliness and hygiene in all matters at our school including our kitchen.

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