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Simple Chores at home or school is key to our children's development and why we should start now.

Have you started or introduced simple tasks or chores to your child? Does your child's school create awareness and get the children to do simple chores or tasks?

It's vital that we do and have already started.

Why should our children be doing these daily? To put it simply,

- It makes them aware of their space and surroundings.

- That items have a space it belongs to.

- We start something, may it be a playing with blocks, making playdough or a painting activity, we have to finish it by cleaning it all up and putting things away.

- Instills responsibility by taking care of their belongings.

These simple day to day clean up routines are all part of the bigger picture in a child's development and these are some of the key benefits.

- A child learns time management skills

- Helps develop organizational skills

- Accepts responsibility in the family or school

- Provides opportunity for success (especially for a child struggling in other ways)

- Learning to balance work and play from a young age

- Setting a good foundation for functioning independently

Hope this has given you a good reason to start thinking of ways your child can contribute at home or in school.

Stay tuned to How and When we can do this during the day.

I'm a parent as well as an educator and we have good days and not so good days. As long as we keep it consistent, our story is a success!

Signing of as,

A parent who sometimes fail but has all the support to pick herself up and carry on:)

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