Want to be a Space Ranger? 


Make an Astronaut and a rocket and go on an adventure and explore SPACE!


Create your own special Astronaut Tag, design your very own Control Station, make an Astronaut Helmet and blast off to SPACE! Explore the Solar System and find out where all the PLANETS are in SPACE far, far away. Reinforce and strengthen our Math skills  by looking through the magnifying glass and being a SPY AGENT! Best part of it all, you can create your own planet and give it a name! But I wonder if there's anything living in the planet? Let's use the mateials and squish up an Alien!

Join our teachers in a special video and blast off to SPACE through interactive rhymes, songs and twinkl original story.


Buy a SPACE RANGER SmartBox NOW and all materials included to enage your child with our teachers through these activities!


1. Design a Planet

2. Astronaut in Action

3. Alien Amigos

4. I Spy Space


See you SPACE RANGERS soon!

Space Rangers SmartBox