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" You don't have to see the whole staircase,
just take the first step."

- Martin Luther King

We are excited to announce the release of our new online store at Redboot!


In the last few months, most schools including ours have been heavily impacted by Covid-19 pandemic. Social distancing has challenged us to find new ways to sustain our school through ‘Virtual Celebrations’. And so we have been pushing ourselves to think outside the box in order to provide value to our families through other growing branches (Redboot Cafe, Events & Smart Box) while sustaining our school and it’s running in 2021.


We have started running these activities and have received positive feedback from our community. We hope you enjoy your experience with Redboot even more.


So what is this about you may ask?


Well, we currently have branched into 3 other areas which incorporates Redboot Cafe, Redboot Events & Redboot Smart Box.


Redboot Cafe

We offer mouth-watering treats, goodies & food packages by our In House Chef of delicious pastries, cookies, dessert, fruit & more for both festivals (Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Diwali, Christmas & anything else in between) and Children’s Parties of all kinds (birthdays, slumber or just a get together).


Redboot Events

We offer a hassle free virtual party to keep children connected together with our very own team of teachers hosting these house parties from start to end ensuring the perfect balance of fun while learning through games, drama, stories and really, so much more. 


Redboot Smart Box

We offer exciting educational activities, games & fun materials that can be sent directly from our doorstep to your home. 

From the bottom of our Redboot Squad hearts,

Thank you for all the support and let's overcome the ongoing challenges and struggles together!

CNY Hampers & SmartBox

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